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If you had told me in 2006 about the effect one little cat would have on me and my life, I just simply wouldn't of believed it!!

Tiggy was a stray living in the field behind our house for two years that we know of ..... I was ill with M.E. and completely wheelchair bound and at that time I was very low in myself. I would sit and watch Tiggy from the garden and he would come and go and prowl around the yard. He would feed himself daily on large rabbits! I would call him and make the usual gestures but he would just sit around 30 yards from me and stare! ......then suddenly one day he just stood up and walked over to me and brushed himself around the wheels of my chair. I tapped my lap and he jumped up onto me, my husband then said "he has now chosen you!!" ...... and as it turned out, he was right.

Tiggy was in good condition, so he had obviously been looking after himself. The vet couldn't believe he was a stray. However, he had been shot several times with an air rifle; you could feel the pellets under his skin.

When I look back now I think it was meant to be. It soon became quite obvious to me that Tiggy was special and a strong bond soon developed between us. My condition started to improve and I began to take a few steps. Everyone said my improvement was down to the cat; he was like therapy. He would sit on my knee virtually all day sometimes and purr. He brought me a lot of joy and happiness and everyone noticed my improvement. Tiggy just seemed to love his new home so much. He adored the garden and would be out in all weathers.

However, sadly, one day we found Tiggy in a corner of the garden and he wasn't moving. At first we thought he had broken his pelvis but after a visit to the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket (who are fantastic!) we were told that Tiggy had more than likely suffered a stroke and his rear end was completely paralysed ... I couldn't believe that this had happened to him and I was devastated, but the AHT said there was a possibility that Tiggy could walk again so there was some hope. At that moment, I made a promise to Tiggy that I would do everything possible for him as long as he wasn't in pain.

Tiggy stayed in the Animal Hospital for 3 weeks and during that time I had to learn how to do his physic and how to express his bladder 4 times a day ..... now that was a challenge! They said I couldn't take him home until I could successfully express his bladder, so I went to the Animal Hospital every day until I got the hang of it. I just wanted him to come home.

After a while it became obvious that Tiggy wasn't going to walk again. He wasn't in any pain and I was getting on well with expressing his bladder, so we decided to have some wheels made up especially for him so he could get around by himself. He also went in his walking harness twice a day.

Tiggy was so happy within himself. He wasn't depressed and if he wanted to go somewhere, even if he wasn't in his weels or harness, he would just drag himself along. As far as Tiggy was concerned he was just a normal cat, eating, washing, playing and still catching mice .... Tiggy wasn't giving up so we couldn't give up on him.

We had to make some adjustments as we now had two 'disableds' within the house! We made sure there was no way he could escape from the garden and my husband put ramps everywhere so it made life easier for him. He even went on holiday with us to France, Spain and Italy. He would just lay on the back seat of the car and relax and enjoy the sunshine when we arrived at the villa. Basically, everywhere we went, he went too, even weekends away to stay with friends, he just seemed to adapt to the situation.

I was always conscious of his general wellbeing and not 'stressing him out' as, after all, it's not normal for a cat to want to go from place to place, but he seemed fine. He would eat and behave as normal when were were away.

We also had constant support from the Animal Health Trust. He saw Elsa, his Neurologist, every 6 months for check-ups. He would just sit on my husband's knee in the waiting room surrounded by cats and dogs. He just wasn't bothered. The staff used to comment that they could do anything to him; he was so gentle and relaxed. He never complained or turned nasty. After treatment he would then sit and eat a bowl of food on the vet's table!!! Quite unbelievable really.

Tiggy was disabled for 3.5 years and led a happy life. This just confirmed to me that we had done the right thing by giving him a chance of living.

However, tragically, Tiggy was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2011. It was such a shock to us. He had to have one eye sewn together to protect it. He wasn't in any pain but unfortunately there was no treatment. However, Tiggy showed his usual courage and determination throughout this time. Sadly, on the 2nd October 2011, he went to Cat Heaven whilst on holiday in Spain. It was very quick and he didn't suffer. The day before he was lying by the pool enjoying the sunshine.

I know every owner feels their cat is special, but my Tiggy was really one of a kind. His determination and will to live was so strong despite everything he went through in life. He was just so content and happy. Everyone that met Tiggy loved him and I am so proud that he was my best friend and soulmate for the last seven years. I feel so lucky to have known him. I was so upset when he died, but I now want to celebrate his life. He has taught me so much and left me with so many special memories. When we think of Tiggy, we don't remember him as a 'disabled cat' as his spirit and personality was so much bigger than his disability!!

Our beloved 'Tiggy' has appeared in the 'Your Cat' Magazine and in his memory we have raised funds for the AHT in excess of £15,000 by way of a case study leaflet produced by the AHT and 'Tiggy' the cat Xmas Cards.

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