Luxury Cattery near Peterborough
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5 star accommodation for your cat
We have found 'Tiggers' to be an excellent place to leave our cats for their holidays. There are many reasons why but to be brief it was the first time we have left our Burmese, who are very important part of our family, behind and felt totally secure in the knowledge they will be well looked after. Karen who runs the cattery, clearly has a passion for cats and also understands the oddities and eccentricities of breed cats. The accommodation is well worth of five stars even from a feline perspective. We almost get the feeling that Merlin and Bronnie don't want to come home when, after a three week stay it's time to go.

We booked Missy into Tiggers in January, we were worried because Missy has a few illnesses and is an anxious cat.  After meeting Karen and seeing the personalised rooms and Karens passion for cats, both I and my partner were happy and knew Missy would be relaxed and comfortable there.  The rooms were lovely and individually decorated with their own indoor and outdoor spaces and with such a warm welcome from Karen I was confident Missy would be happy.  Karen told me that she played with Missy every day and to be honest i think Missy would have stayed forever as it sounds like she was treated like the 'Diva' she sometimes is.  We are going away again August so I will definately be booking Missy in with Karen again.  Lisa Hope x

Hi Karen,
Firstly I would love to say how nice it was to meet you. You was very welcoming and friendly, not only towards me but towards my cats Fred and Wilma too. I have to say I feel that my cats were looked after very well whilst they were staying with you (infact I think they got very spoilt). You have great clean facilities and plenty of room for every cat to run around, and it is nice that you also have great facilities where my cats can stay together. Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you again Thanks Sam, Fred and wilma x

Tiggers is for me a 5 star luxury cattery, Leo loves coming to stay, I no longer feel guilty for leaving him as I know at tiggers he too is having a holiday. It is wonderful to see that every pen is different with an abundance of toys to keep then all amused. Leo is always very settled when I leave him. I cannot recommend this place enough, Karen gives Leo so much fuss & love that I know he is happy to be there. Michelle xx

New, larger than standard units with exercise areas, all built to CIEH regulations, situated within a peaceful countryside location
Tastefully decorated suites with luxuirious beds, sofas and toys. Very clean and hygienic, fully heated
Flexible drop-off / collection times including evenings, Saturdays and Sundays
Dedicated, one-to-one care for your cat, cuddles and playtime always one of our priorities
Licensed by the local authority, fully insured
07795 515963