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I am a small breeder of British Shorthairs, my breeding cats are very special to me and are first and foremost pets and very much part of our family. My aim is to produce healthy kittens of good quality that are a true reflection of the breed.   My breeding cats have the most amazing personalities which becomes obvious from the first moment you meet them. 

My kittens are available to forever pet homes and leave us at the age of 13 weeks, all completely socialised and confident, they adore company and very quickly will become part of your family.  British Shorthairs are known to be very friendly and love to spend time with you, they are nicknamed the 'Teddy Bears' of the cat world based on their look and personality.  Over the last few years we have had some lovely babies and i am very proud to say that this year we look forwards to some lovely quality matings which will include blue, blue cream, cream, lilac and possibly bi colours.

My kittens sell for £700 (non refundable deposit) and are registered with the GCCF on the non-active register which means pet homes only, (I do not sell to breeders on the active register). They leave us fully vaccinated and micro chipped, with 4 weeks free insurance, pedigree certificate and a really nice kitten pack containing food, favourite toys, and blanket.  I also like to work closely with any potential new owner giving support and you are always welcome to visit us and watch your kitten grow and develop.
If you interested please contact me on 07795 515963